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Exterior Cleaning Services Provided:

We maintain OSHA training and specialize in large multi-story commercial buildings. Staff members are certified in safe practices using aerial lifts, suspended scaffolding, and bosun chairs depending on the individual needs of the structure. Our staff can help improve the appearance of any commercial or residential structure.

Softwashing/Pressure Washing

Softwash Services ensure that your property is not damaged by high pressure cleaning methods. Softwashing using chemicals to treat and remove stains without the high pressure of pressure washing. Softwashing is ideal for siding and pool decking where high pressure could damage the surface.

Pressure Washing is a fast and affordable method that is best suited for concrete and stone surfaces. Typically driveways, parking lots, and concrete facades are all ideal substrates for cleaning using this method. Where grease, paint and other substances are present, it may be necessary to treat the area with special chemicals that aide in their removal. 

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is an important part of the maintenance of properties. Regularly cleaning windows will help ensure that lime and other mineral deposits aren’t able to become locked into the pores of the glass, it keeps window seals clean from organic matter, and where there are issues they can be promptly reported and fixed to prevent water intrusion.

Painting and Striping

Our crews paint a variety of surfacing including building exteriors, interiors, and specialty metals. Additionally, we perform parking lot striping, including painting lines, curbs, fires lanes, handicapped markings, and safety zones.

Repairs & Maintenance

Our repair and maintenance division is responsible for managing all light commercial construction projects as well as repair and maintenance of various assets. Please see our service list under our Repairs & Maintenance page.


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Imperial Home & Commercial Services provides full services exterior maintenance services and light construction to meet your property maintenance needs. 


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